Sheels Hindi English Dictionary 2.0

Sheels Dictionary is a free Hindi to English and English to Hindi dictionary software. Sheels Hindi to English dictionary is very useful for everyone who is learning any of the language either Hindi or English. It is very useful for those who are students and still learning or related to education especially students, teachers, learners, researchers etc. Anyone who is looking for a solution to his or her language or word related queries or wants to improve his or her vocabulary he or she can use this software.  It provides the meanings of the words to the users in an easy format and easy use interface.  This application can be used for translation, spell checking, learning new words, to find the meaning of a word you encounter, or to find the right word to use. Currently synonyms, antonyms and pronunciation facility are not included in the offline dictionary.
Software Name: Sheels Hindi to English Dictionary 2.0

Latest Version: 2.0 (Read Release Notes)

License: Freeware

Operating System: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 98 / Windows Me

System Requirements: No special requirements. Intel Pentium IV 1.6GHz or above, 512 MB RAM or above recommended, Hard disk requirement of at least 50 MB, Desktop resolution 1024x768 Recommended. 

Category: Language/Dictionary

File Size: 8.21 MB

Download URL:
Description:- Many English to Hindi and Hindi to English online dictionaries are available on the internet but it is a very useful and easy to use offline bilingual Dictionary. Once you have downloaded the setup, install it and run it on your computer. After installation no internet connection is required to run this software. Sheels dictionary is "100% clean" which means that it is guaranteed that it does not contain any kind of spyware or virus. Currently this application cannot run on mobile it can run only on desktop computer and laptops.
Sheels Hindi to English dictionary is a great companion to stretch a small collection word vocabulary to a big collection of daily usable words. Sheels dictionary software is used for finding out the meaning of words or to look up the spelling of words. Learn how to use Sheels Dictionary  There are many benefits of using Sheels dictionary in our life which are as follows:-
  1. Find the meanings of Hindi or English word.
  2. Learn new words.
  3. Know the synonyms of  words.
  4. Frame sentences.
  5. Increase your word vocabulary power.
  6. Helpful in writing articles.
  7. Speak Hindi or English more fluently. 

Special Features of Sheels Hindi to English Dictionary:-

1)      Very easy & user friendly interface.
2)      In-built Hindi keyboard facility for those who don’t know Hindi typing.
3)      Quick and easy searching of word.
4)      Searching can be done Phonetically or by using Devnagari Script.
5)      Powerful database of approximately 2,00,000 words.
6)      Facility to add new word. You can add as many words you want in your particular dictionary.     
7)      Facility to modify the existing word.
8)      You can easily switch between Hindi to English & English to Hindi Dictionary by a single click only. 

Sheels Dictionary
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